Katia Ledoux

Dear Friends,

I am sitting here in a little hotel room in Amsterdam, getting ready for an audition and writing to you to calm down my nerves. This newsletter will not be very long, because I don’t have much time, but it is very needed, because there are a few changes for my upcoming concerts: I will sadly not be able to sing at the concert “Neues und Vokales” on December 4th and 5th, but will instead be performing a few songs with the fantastic Michael Sikich (https://www.masikich.com) at the Liederabend organized by his teacher Julius Drake on December 5th at 20h, at the gorgeous Florentinersaal in the Palais Meran in Graz. We are going to perform songs by Schubert, Barber and Clarke. It’s going to be really nice, be sure not to miss it! :)

Also I am excited to say that I will sing the premiere of Poulenc’s “Les dialogues des carmélites” on December 8th at MumuTh (Lichtenfelsgasse 14, 8010 Graz) as Mme de Croissy the very sick prioress of the Carmelite convent. I love this role because of all the different facets I (hopefully) can bring to live through it: the role is very dramatic, strict, but loving, mean and bitter, but full of empathy. Vocally it is pretty challenging because of all the height and the depth she showcases, but the emotional rollercoaster I go through every time I sing through the role is incredibly rewarding! It is a great role… and it is the first time that I die on stage, which is a big milestone for any opera singer!

If you cannot make it on the 8th, I will also sing a rerun on December 12th. You can get tickets for both of these performances at the central ticket office (+43 (0) 316 - 830255).

I will now run to my audition, have a great day and thanks for reading on!


Katia Ledoux

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